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Jenn’s Journey

By nature, I was not a person motivated enough to go to the gym and figure out what to do on my own. I tried a few times, but I often felt out of place and lacked motivation. As a result, I was less active than I could have been – and I wanted that to change.

In the spring of 2008, I joined a Body Be Fit bootcamp with some girlfriends to get active, healthy, and to see what this bootcamp thing was all about. The sessions were difficult, but I started to see results in just a short period of time. Overall, I felt like I was in better shape, and best of all, my clothes started to fit differently! The results far surpassed anything I was getting by going to the gym by myself, and the motivation I needed came from Kevin pushing me to do by best.

At the peak of my results, I discovered I was pregnant. My husband and I became proud parents in February 2010. After a few months of healing from a caesarean and gall bladder removal operation, I was excited to get back into a fitness routine and lose that baby weight. I started going to a Mom N Tots class with Body Be Fit. I weighed 183 pounds and committed to a two-day-per-week training schedule to get back into shape. I loved the mix-up of exercises and enjoyed being with other moms who had just had babies as well. The trainers would even hold our little ones while we worked out to ensure we got the most from our sessions.

The baby weight started to come off quickly – and when I enrolled in the Pound for Pound Challenge, I lost 12 pounds and 10.75 inches in seven weeks*. My arms, legs, stomach, and butt all looked leaner and more toned. Most importantly, I weighed less than my pre-baby weight. The biggest surprise of all – I came in first place in the challenge!

My trainers helped me understand the importance of healthy eating and proper technique and form when exercising. They made me realize that I can push myself further than I thought.

My husband, family, and friends are all amazed with my results and I feel more confident than ever with my post-baby body. I can’t thank Body Be Fit enough!

 *results may vary

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