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Mark’s Journey

Occupation: Senior System Architect with ShawCable

Tell us a little about yourself prior to training:

Prior to training, my wife and I had tried other plans like fit2fat2fit over 6 months.  After a trip to Vegas, bad habits crept in and we both started to gain weight.  The problem there was we weren’t being accountable. 

The second program we tried was Chris Powell’s program which started to work as well.  The food however was limited and both of us had a hard time adjusting. After going on Facebook and seeing a previous coworker’s progress with Body Be Fit, I naturally had to inquire and was inspired/motivated to make a change.  My wife also was ready to begin this journey as well.

How did you find Body Be Fit and why did you decide on BBF?

I found Body be fit through a coworker that began his journey 2 months in.  I saw his progress and needed to inquire into what he was doing for weight loss.

How long have you been training thus far?

6 Months

What are the biggest benefits you have experienced?

I feel and look stronger, lost 50 pounds*, more energetic, and it’s a journey that my wife and I are happy to have begun.  Kevin our trainer is amazing!! Really pushes us, and helps us be accountable for all aspects of this program (Food, Workouts etc).

How did you set your goals? and what fitness/lifestyle goals do you have for the future?

The goal was set with Kevin. My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, and along the way transform my body. This year I plan on participating in adventure races like a Spartan race to challenge myself.it will be a direct reflection of the hard work already put in to prepare for the race. One day I want to be that success story that is a direct result of Hard work, and Kevin’s guidance and support.

What do you think differentiates Kevin from other trainers and training companies?

Kevin is always there when you need him, a phone call or text away when needed.  He always has great recommendations for food recipes, workouts outside our training sessions, and events with fitness in mind(boot camps, paintball, spartan races etc). 

He is an avid supported for good causes such as the cure for breast cancer which motivated me to run for the cause under his team.  Kevin’s personality, caring nature and knowledge is what sets him apart from other trainers.

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about starting to train or needs to train?

If you are ready to take this journey in bettering your life, becoming healthy, making a lifestyle change, I highly recommend speaking to Kevin.  Having a personal trainer helps keep you motivated, accountable, and learn proper form when working out with safety in mind.  In the past I followed videos and am finding that the form I was employing in the past was not correct. With guidance from Kevin, I have noticed proper muscles being targeted when the workout is done properly.

It makes a huge difference!!  In addition, Kevin determines what weight to use and increases in a safe manner.  You are coached in each session with a feeling of satisfaction at the end. It truly is a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete something that you couldn’t do, or had a difficult time with before. Rather than sit on the couch, or debate a change to be healthy, make the choice  for training if you want help and never look back.  You won’t regret It

 *results may vary

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