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Mike’s Journey

My name is Mike Cottingham, I am 28 years old (Nov 30, 1986) and I have recently made the transition from telecom engineering with Shaw Cable to research and development with an oil and gas business intelligence company (3esi).  My job title is Senior Developer, Project Lead, Research and Development, 3esi.

Before I started training with Kevin I was very lethargic, I worked very long hours, and was considered by many to be a complete a-hole.  I spent very little time with my family because I didn’t have the energy, or desire, to keep up with them, looking back now, I think I was depressed.  I used to use my work as an excuse to avoid helping out around the house and helping with the kids because I would get winded doing the simplest of house chores.

Jessica found Body Be Fit for me one day and suggested that I meet with Kevin for a consultation.  I could tell during my consultation with Kevin that he deeply cares about his clients and that he truly wants everyone to succeed.  A few days after the consultation Kevin met me at the gym for a fitness evaluation, it was hard and very illuminating for me, but Kevin kept telling me “not to worry if I can only do one push-up, or can only do a wall sit for 3 seconds, it will come with time”.  Kevin’s compassion and ability to motivate me to succeed, even during my complementary evaluation, is what sealed the deal for me.

I started training with Kevin on July 14, 2014 and have been working out with him for 3 days a week since then.  Within the first week or so Kevin paired me up with a training partner (Chad) and he and I train together the other days.  One of the things that I am really appreciative of is when Chad and I are working out together on our “off days”, Kevin will still interject and help us come up with activities and make sure that we are training safe.

I have experienced many benefits from training: I am no longer depressed, I have the energy to play with my kids (in fact, I have more energy than my kids…), Jessica and I are able to take the kids out on family outings without it feeling like a chore, and I have heard that I am progressively getting less a-holeish.  I have lost 80+lbs* to date and am excited to be able to go shopping at a normal sized person store, I no longer need to stick to the big and tall stores.  I have also noticed a considerable reduction in my stress level!

I actually haven’t really defined any set goals with regards to weight, other than, I’d like to be an average sized person at the end of this.  I am looking forward to entering into a couple of mud races this year and would like to do a few more 5k-10k runs.  I really enjoy going to the gym every morning and do not foresee myself stopping that anytime soon.

As I stated previously, Kevin is passionate about what he does.  There are a lot of personal trainers out there that are in the business for the wrong reasons, Kevin is not one of them.  I could tell from day one that he and I were going to build a lasting relationship.

 Don’t wait!  Go now!  Everyone always says “I’m going to start my diet on Monday”, or “I’m going to start going to the gym next week”.  NO!  Don’t wait until next week, because next week it will be “I’ll go next week”, and you will never end up going.  Once you start going, you’ll never look back and say “Man, I wish I had started next week”, but if you wait you will definitely say, “Man, I wish I started last week”.

*results may vary

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