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Trina’s Journey

Tell us a little about yourself prior to training:

    I have a demanding job(s) and I am busy overall.  In the last couple of years there has been a lot of personal stress as well which just added to me feeling like my life was out of control.   I avoided going to get an annual physical because I was scared of the results.  I have over 100 pounds to lose and wasn’t looking for a quick fix.  I knew I had to make a change and that it had to be a lifestyle change to become more active.  I was afraid to exercise on my own for fear of getting hurt so this past June I made the decision to look for a trainer.

How did you find Body Be Fit and why did you decide on BBF?

    I did an internet search for trainers and weight loss in Calgary and BBF came up along with a couple of others.  For me Ineeded someone who had helped others lose a significant amount of weight.  The testimonials on the website (Carla especially) gave me the confidence that Kevin could help me.

How long have you been training thus far?

    I’ve been training since the third week of June (3 times per week plus 1 small group session).

What are the biggest benefits you have experienced?

   Overall I feel fantastic.  I have increased energy and I feel strong.  As a family we have become more active together and I love it.  I’ve lost 30 pounds* but it feels like more because I can wear some of my clothes that I wore when I was 50 pounds lighter!  I now have the confidence I need to try new activities.

How did you set your goals? and what fitness/lifestyle goals do you have for the future?

   I haven’t set a specific weight loss goal.  I’m focused on getting strong and healthy and losing over 100 pounds*.  I’ve set a fitness goal to run a 10k next May and I’m sure with Kevin’s training I can get there.  I look forward to trying even more new activities.

What do you think differentiates Kevin from other trainers and training companies?

    I’ve only had experience with a couple of other trainers but in my opinion Kevin provides exactly what is needed.  He shares experiences and it is obvious he knows what he is talking about.  When I show up for my sessions Kevin is prepared and everything is set up so I get the maximum out of my time with him. The sessions are not repetitive so I never get bored. I always feel challenged and he knows when to push.

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about starting to train or needs to train? Make the decision to try it out! You won’t regret it!  Best money I have spent on myself in years, maybe forever!

*results may vary

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